To freelance or not to freelance

A while ago I wrote an article on the benefits of signing up with a modeling agency which you can read at:

Modelling Agencies

I encourage models to research both options- freelancing and signing up for an agency as there are disadvantages and advantages to both and it really is a case of what works best for you. I myself have had the opportunity to experience both.  I am currently a freelance model and here are some of the reasons why it currently works best for me.


I can shape my own development

I get to choose which jobs I go for which has helped me develop a strong brand. I know which part of my portfolio I want to develop and decide which jobs I apply for based on that. Experimenting with different styles is never a bad thing however every successful model knows their niche.

I know when I am free.

This sounds obvious but time management is a key skill you need to master as  model. An agency manager will try their best to book jobs around my given availability but I know better what can be moved around. I balance modeling with an office job so if a job comes up last minute I know how best to fit this in.

Reducing the number of people involved in communication can save time.

Managers often have to go back and forth communicating with the model and the booker before reaching a final decision. Having full control of this process means I can respond more promptly.

Just because you are not with an agency it doesn’t mean you are alone.

Seek advice from other professionals in the modeling industry. I learn a lot just by following models that inspire me.  I read other  models blog posts and I have even messaged a few models asking for advice. There is a lot of information already out there that you can find yourself.

You have full ownership

Having full ownership means I am the face of my brand. Which can be good and bad. It means if something goes wrong I can’t hide behind my manager and sulk. But the way I see it- it means I ensure nothing goes wrong as much as possible because it is my reputation and only my reputation on the line. When things do go well of course it does mean I get that extra satisfaction of seeing something I organized go well. And of course I get to keep 100 % of the money from the job and not have to worry about that 20% or so agency commission.

I have learnt so many valuable skills

As a freelance model I have developed a range of skills such as time management, social media marketing, negotiating and event planning to name just a few. I have used  examples of these in job interviews and employers are impressed by some of the unique techniques I have used to manage my modeling career.

I will be writing a series of blog posts soon on self managing as a model- the first being building your Modeling CV  so watch out for this.

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