If you asked me ten years ago to compete in a beauty pageant I would have run a mile. I was that super shy girl in school who hated being the centre of attention. I used to hate drama in school because it involved speaking in front of an audience- all eyes on me. I never thought I would go on to compete in 5 different pageants and deliver a campaign speech in front of complete strangers.

I’ve always loved competing in sports and I feel in my zone when competing in a sports challenge. I am confident in my ability as a sports person and I try to bring this confident and competitive side of me to pageant competitions.

I imagine each pageant as a sports challenge where training and preparing for the final event is just as important as the final event itself. I also value the power of team work- having a strong team and being a good team player.

The quote below has to be the best way to summarise what excites me about taking part in beauty pageants.

Pageants teach the same skills that sports do; goal setting, a can do attitude, performance under pressure, team work …

But in pageants you get to wear more glamorous shoes 🙂

Valerie Hayes- Pageant Coach

My pageant journey has led to me being featured in newspapers and magazines , platforms to speak at public events, radio interviews, coaching and mentoring beauty pageant contestants, judging at beauty pageants and so much more.

I am excited to see where pageant life will take me next.


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